Pallet & Base Masking Paper 330mm x 90metre £26.50

//Pallet & Base Masking Paper 330mm x 90metre £26.50

Pallet & Base Masking Paper 330mm x 90metre £26.50

£28.62 Excl. VAT

Our 330mm x 90metre pallet and base masking paper saves you time when cleaning up and is available for just £26.50 plus vat.


Product Description

Pallet and base mask is used mainly by the t-shirt and textile printers as a mask for pallets and bases. The paper tape has a medium tack and can accept spray tack adhesive to hold garments and fabrics firmly in place. Once you have finished, simply remove the mask and you are left with a clean, tack free pallet ready for your next job.

It is also extremely handy for masking worktops and mixing areas as it is resistant to a wide variety of screen printing inks and solvents.

Use it to quickly and neatly mask off vacuum beds and remove cleanly when finished – unlike some packaging and masking tapes that leave adhesive behind that then needs to be removed.

Prices shown exclude VAT.